Kristen Stephenson | Dashboard UX design
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Dashboard UX design

I provided this dashboard UX solution for decision makers at college and planning level at RMIT. One of the main goals was to develop a friendly and intuitive user interface so that data was easily understood.


This Student demographics dashboard is one part of many provided for the planning group at RMIT. Created in SAP Dashboards software.

The goals

  • Provide a scalable solution, which could be applied to the needs of various business areas. This was created for the planning group and would be used later for finance, marketing, and the vice chancellors office.
  • Save time by developing clear and intuitive data reports which would be used as a common reference point for decision makers

The limitations

  • SAP dashboards has limited functionality in what is possible to visually display
  • A limited number of charts and functionality work across both desktop and mobile devices
  • We wanted to show the birth place of students in a world map which was not a standard feature in the Dashboard tool

A very large project

A large amount of data made this a very complex project for developers. A lot of careful planning and organisation of information along with well structured navigation provided the user a product which appears clear and simple to use.

An overview of the sitemap for the 7 business areas we wanted to cover.



This highlighted section of the sitemap shows how complex the requirements were and how much information we wanted to display. This breakdown of content is only 1 part of 7 complex areas of content.

A lot of careful planning and organisation of information along with well structured navigation provided the user a product which appears clear and simple to use.

The solution

Data visualisations are separated into four cards for clear organisation. Clear headings and labelling of data is chosen along with data visualisation which is the most intuitive for clear understanding of the data.


UX Design solution created in Adobe Illustrator

The outcome

The dashboards provided a quick overview for executives rather than the laborious and time wasting task of trawling data reports for relevant information. Time was also saved by cutting out the time they spent in the past putting together their own charts within excel spreadsheets.