Kristen Stephenson | About Me
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Currently living in Melbourne Australia, I spend my time working on website redesigns, illustrations and food styling for photography.

My work experience

Web design and front end development has been my primary work and passion for the past 6 years.

I’ve worked as a web designer and graphic designer for NEC for 2 years, and for the Australian Government for the past 3 years. Over the last year I have been able to work as a freelancer. Amongst other projects I have worked on 3 large website projects for one government agency in particular, ACMA.

Food styling and photography

I’ve been on a clean eating mission since the start of the year, with an interest in eating highly nutritious food to feel the best I can. I love exploring the thriving restaurant and cafe scene in Melbourne, and seeing how each place uses interior design to compliment it’s food. This leads to the perfect preoccupation of food styling for photography. I work on creating mood boards, planning and preparing for shoots, and working in the studio to put together the final composition and photograph the food to make it look enticing and as appetising as possible.


In my spare time I learn more about digital illustration. I especially like painting in Illustrator with a Wacom tablet. I’ve used this technique on the rose illustration for the Sol is You logo.

Visiting Sydney’s Vivid festival 2014